Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will This Process Take?

The length of nutrition counseling will vary per person depending on where you are on your journey and your nutrition goals. Being open and motivated for change helps the process move forward at an effective pace. 

In the beginning stages of counseling, I prefer to see you once a week for a month. Once we are actively working together, sessions may become every other week.

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating addresses the issues of cognitive distortions and emotional eating. It encourages satisfaction in our food choices, physical movement for the mere enjoyment of feeling good, rejecting the diet mentality, using nutrition information without judgment, and respecting our body, regardless of how we feel about its shape. 

Intuitive Eating integrates mind, body, and soul when it comes to reconnecting with our biological needs and desires. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

I am an out-of-network insurance provider, which means I will take payment up front and give you a bill to submit for insurance reimbursement.

 I recommend that you contact your insurance company to see what benefits your plan may have regarding MNT coverage. 

For reference, the procedure codes I use for MNT are: 97802 (initial assessment) and 97803 (follow-up assessment). The diagnosis code used will depend on your situation.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

I am so excited to work with you! Please click the link below to get in touch with me so we can start this journey together.